12 Days of Catmas - Adopt a Cat

12 Days of Catmas

The holidays are here, and that means those special to us are on our shopping lists. Some of the adoptable cats of A.R.F. would like to remind you of what the 12 days of Catmas means to them. Can you help find them a home for the holidays? Share to help these cats be adopted and find their forever families.

On the 12th day of Catmas, my true love gave to me:

Twelve cardboard boxes – Breeze
Eleven cans of cat food – Beset
Ten lasers pointing – Gambit
Nine cat dancers dancing – Clementine
Eight walks around the yard – Trapper John
Seven cat costumes – Prima
Six catnip mousies – Bowser
Five…..shiiiinnnyyyy thiiiiiiings! – Tony
Four chirping bird toys – Hoosier
Three chin scratches – Lavender
Two belly rubs… – Boo

And a pawtridge in a cat tree! – Starbug