A.R.F.’s Adoption Fees

Prospective pet parents sometimes ask how A.R.F. sets adoption fees for our beloved dogs and cats. Numerous factors go into determining these fees and they can vary from animal to animal, as each pet is unique. Some factors include breed, health, age and availability status. Below, we will explore how each factor affects adoption fees. […]

Patience, Praise and Repetition

Spring is upon us, and if you checked in at the beginning of the year, you and your dog might have been having fun learning new tricks and working on patience. If you find yourself here for the first time, you can look back at the January post, “New Year, ‘New Dog.” This time, we […]

New Year, ‘New’ Dog

Written by A.R.F. Volunteer Shane C. We are well into January of 2024 and if you have already abandoned your resolutions (no judgements), it is not too late to pick up something else. Perhaps you are still on track, going strong, and want to add something else in. If you have a dog at home […]

Year in Review: A.R.F.’s 2023

In the spirit of the season, we at A.R.F. want to share a snapshot of what 2023 has brought to the foundation. First up: the animals! There have been 1,210+ adoptions this year, which is amazing. Over 860 cats and 350 dogs have found forever homes. Next, we’ve had approximately 150 volunteers donate their time […]

The Gift of Adoption: What to Consider During the Holiday Season

Written by A.R.F. Volunteer Hannah D. Animal companions can be wonderful additions to people’s lives. Pet owners love to talk about their pets and all of the memories they’ve made over the years. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry details the potential benefits of pet ownership, which include teaching responsibility and respect, as […]

Gratitude: Caring for Your Pets and Helping Others

Written by A.R.F. Volunteer, Hannah D. In this season of gratitude, we can all agree on one thing: pets deserve to celebrate with us! They provide us entertainment, companionship, and their own kind of love. Whether your pet keeps you active with their energy or makes you laugh with their antics, this is the best […]

DuPage County Amends Humane Care for Animal Act

Animals in DuPage County now have increased protection from cruelty. In August, an amendment to Public Act 103-0490, also known as the Humane Care for Animals Act, added further, stricter guidelines for the care of animals and stricter punishments for owners in violation.  The Humane Care for Animals Act amendment ensures proper treatment, protection, shelter, […]

Save a Life Through Fostering

Now is a great time to become an animal foster or even adopt. As the pandemic continues to fade in the rear-view mirror, American citizens (as well as the world) are quickly arriving back at a familiar destination: Normalcy. Hybrid schedules, commutes to the office, and spending time beyond all too familiar walls. What we […]

The Misconceptions of Muzzles

First impressions are everything in the human world. So, what happens outside of human interaction? Do birds get to sing a mating song one more time? Does a lion cub have another shot at making a friend within their pride? Is a dog always going to be seen as aggressive if they are wearing a […]

A.R.F. 2023 Bowling Fundraiser

BOWL WITH US We’re hosting a bowling fundraiser on Saturday, August 19th! $30/person for 3 hours of unlimited bowling, pizza, and soda. We will also be having a silent auction, raffle items, prizes, and lots of fun! All funds go toward saving the lives of dogs and cats! Tickets can be purchased online in advance […]