Rescue Program Results

A.R.F. believes that every life counts. As a no-kill animal rescue, we judge our success by the numbers of lives we save. Therefore, in the interest of transparency, we are publishing our annual rescue statistics visibly.

Adoption Rate, calculated based on the number of animals we receive, how many are adopted, and how many are euthanized or died while in our care, is our success metric. A.R.F. follows the Asilomar Accords methodology for calculating Adoption Rate, which they call Live Release Rate (LRR). A good guideline is that no-kill animal shelters or rescues have an Adoption Rate/LRR above 95.

A.R.F.’s overall Adoption Rate/LRR for 2020 was 100.

The Adoption Rate/LRR does not include 0 owner/guardian requested euthanasia which were unhealthy and untreatable and 90 dogs and cats that died or were lost in the shelter/care1.

Historical comparison information here (PDF)

Detailed 2020 Adoption Program Data

2020 Dog2020 Cat2020 Total
Transferred Out011
Pets Euthanized2000
Died in Care1137790
Total Outcomes3539521305
Adoption Rate/LRR100100100


1 “Died in care” means a pet that has passed naturally or was humanely euthanized to end their suffering due to a non-survivable medical condition.

2 A.R.F.’s pet euthanasia guideline: Every pet that comes under A.R.F.’s care is valued and deserving of medical treatment. A.R.F. provides medical care for all pets regardless of their need. A.R.F. euthanizes pets only when they are suffering and there is no medical treatment that can heal or ease their pain, or when there is no way to rehabilitate extremely aggressive or dangerous behavior.