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You want to adopt a kitten, but how do you know if adopting a kitten is the right move for you? Below are the top five reasons to adopt one of our ARF IL kittens up for adoption (besides their cute and fuzzy little faces!):

  1. Young kittens are easier to train. This includes litter box training, what they should and shouldn’t be eating, and more.
  2. Younger cats are easier to socialize. The earlier you start getting kittens used to interactions with humans and other animals, the more successful the training is likely to be. Just be sure to use plenty of patience, treats, and affection.
  3. You shouldn’t declaw your cat, but you can train your kitten to be gentle with their claws–and if you start with a kitten, you’ll have a lot more time to train them before their claws get big and powerful.
  4. Kittens tend to be more playful and active than older cats. You can engage in play with your kitty throughout the day, and get lots of laughs and smiles from their tiny but fierce purrsonalities.
  5. When you adopt a kitten from the Animal Rescue Foundation IL in DuPage County (or from any other animal rescues, animal shelter, or humane society near you), you’ll be able to give your kitten a long happy life, and enjoy years and years of companionship and love with them.
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What Supplies do I need when I adopt a kitten?

The Kitten Lady is a fabulous resource for all things kitten. Her ultimate list of all things cat supplies has many items for neonatal (tiny baby) kittens but there are good recommendations for litter, toys, and grooming supplies for your 8 week+ old adopted kitten. Note: if you adopt a kitten from A.R.F. you will NOT need formula, bottles, nipples, or a heat source. Those are for neonatal kittens and any kitten adopted from A.R.F. is old enough to eat solid food and keep themselves warm. But of course, buy all the shark kitten beds you like.

Should I Adopt TWO Kittens?

We encourage you to consider adopting kittens in pairs! There are several reasons why kittens would do good with a friend, including:

  • Two kittens keep each other entertained – they will play and get all their energy out on each other in time for snuggles with you!
  • Having two kittens to play with each other prevents potential “I’m lonely and bored” behavioral issues.
  • Watching two kittens wrestle is quite possibly the cutest thing you will ever see.
  • The kittens will teach each other “how to cat” and learn to be more social with humans and people.
  • You’ll save two lives instead of one!

A.R.F. doesn’t require that you adopt a kitten in pairs, but we strongly recommend it. Read more from kitten expert The Kitten Lady about why you should adopt two kittens together.

Adopting Multiple Kittens: Frequently Asked Questions

Do kittens have to be from the same litter? 

Nope! Adopting kittens from different litters can and often do become friends–sometimes even besties. You just have to introduce them to each other with a little patience. The younger the kittens are, the quicker they can adapt to new situations and new friends! (Watch the video from The Kitten Lady below for more on how to introduce two kittens.)

Do male kittens get along with female kittens?

They sure do! While a pair of kittens from the same litter are pretty much guaranteed to get along no matter what, males and females of different litters can also make a great pair. Two male kittens from different litters bond really well too!

Do female kittens get along with each other?

Yes! Again, the great thing about adopting two kittens at once is that kittens are very quick to adapt to new environments. Two female cats that are adopted as kittens will grow up together and will typically get along great, whereas two female cats that are introduced as adults may have small challenges getting to be besties, but with time and patience can live together in happiness.

Adopt a Kitten (or TWO!) Into Your Home

Have you found any kittens on our site that will make a sweet and cuddly addition to your family? Click on the kitty’s photo to fill out their adoption request application today! Or, you can fill out A.R.F.’s general adoption application here. The ARF-IL Animal Rescue Foundation thanks you!

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