Find Your Furry Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones you love, but it’s also a great time to open your heart to new love in the form of a rescue dog or cat that is ready to shower you with kisses and cuddles. Not only is adopting a furry friend good for your emotional health, but it could also benefit your physical heart health. No really–study after study has shown that pet ownership and human longevity are correlated. In one study done by the University of Toronto, having a dog reduced the risk of death by heart disease by 31%. Cat ownership has also been linked to a reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases in this 4,000-plus cat study.

That’s huge! Adopting a pet is good for your heart in more ways than one. So for the sake of human hearts everywhere, meet some of our eligible rescue cats and dogs at A.R.F.-Animal Rescue Foundation in Wheaton who are looking for a family to love.

Adopt Brewer the Dog


I am a handsome boy if I do say so myself!  My foster parents call me a gentle giant, because I am a big boy who weighs in at 80 pounds. I am about 4 years old, very sweet, and house-trained. I still love to run and play and would love a fenced in yard. I know a number of commands like “sit”, “stay”, “down”, and “place”.  After a long day of playing and exercise, I will cuddle up next to my humans on the couch. I do really well on walks and I can sleep nicely in my crate at night. I can get along with kids but I prefer that they are older and know how to give me my space. Learn more about Brewer >

Adopt Haliaka the Cat


Haliaka is super playful and active. She loves to chase little toys around the room, batting them all over the place. Haliaka seems want the company of other cats – she is in a foster room right now but she’s very very curious about the cat noises she hears on the other side of the door. She enjoys playing pawsies with the resident cats. If you have another kitty at home who likes other cats then Haliaka would likely fit in very nicely. Haliaka enjoys human attention and will come over for pets and head scratches. She’s not exactly a lap cat, but she doesn’t mind being picked up and held. She is very social and seems to enjoy human company. Learn more about Haliaka >

Adopt Rascal the Dog


UPDATE 2/15 – Rascal and Easy were adopted!

My foster dad tells me what a good boy I am every day. Wow! Well-behaved AND good looks–what more could you want?! I am more of a slower-moving fella who does his business outside then just wants to come back inside and relax. I can’t make it up onto the couch on my own, but I love cuddling there with my peeps when they bring me up. I am simply looking to love and be loved! I would also like to be adopted out with my buddy Easy who is with me at our foster home. We’re also both super sweet, nice boys and promise to be your best friends! In addition, we get along great with our foster’s dogs and would fit into nearly any family dynamic, whether it be a single mature person or a family full of kids. Learn more about Rascal >

Adopt Villanelle the Cat


Villanelle is a 5-month-old kitten and tends to be quite chatty when you are giving her some love and she is happiest when she is able to play. Because Villanelle is such an explorer and loves to search for fun, it is likely she will be best in a household with another cat or adopted out with another kitten, as she will benefit from the distraction of another fuzzy companion. Villanelle has one littermate who also has not yet been adopted, which is another female kitten, named Nikko[le], who she loves to tackle, wrestle, play, and cuddle with. If you are interested in two kittens, they would make a great pair to be adopted together! Learn more about Villanelle >

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