Year in Review: A.R.F.’s 2023

In the spirit of the season, we at A.R.F. want to share a snapshot of what 2023 has brought to the foundation.

First up: the animals! There have been 1,210+ adoptions this year, which is amazing. Over 860 cats and 350 dogs have found forever homes.

Next, we’ve had approximately 150 volunteers donate their time this year, as well as many, many fosters. We are sincerely grateful for everyone’s efforts to improve the lives of these animals.

Please consider signing up to be a volunteer if you are at all interested. We are especially on the lookout for fosters! A.R.F. provides the food, toys, and supplies you need and pays for all approved vet bills. All you need to do is provide shelter and love in order to completely transform your life, these animals’ lives, and the lives of their future forever families. More information about fostering can be found here.

A.R.F.’s reach has grown this year as well. On Facebook and Instagram, we have reached a combined 240,000+ people! We also gained a combined 1,810 followers. The marketing team is proud to have revived the blog, as well. Over 58,000 people visited the website over 100,000 times in total. Reaching more people makes a huge difference for us, and we’re happy to see that it’s happening.

Other highlights of this year include being featured on CBS news, doubling the size of our marketing team, and consistently hosting adoption events throughout the year.

It brings us immense joy to facilitate safe, ethical animal adoptions and to spread that joy with as many people as possible. That’s a wrap on 2023! Remember: we rescue them; you save them.