Your Cat is Talking, are You Listening?

Your teenage cat may not roll her eyes at you, but rest assured she has ways of telling you that you are annoying. Understanding cat talk is crucial to the relationship bond between a cat and a human. Just like humans, cats communicate with vocalization and body language. “Meow” is a broad all-purpose word. It […]

16 Reasons Why Black Cats are Awesome

Some people see black pets and shy away from adopting them. The black cats of A.R.F. would like to tell you why they they are great with this top 16 list of why black cats are awesome. We’ve featured 16 black adoptable pets over the last 16 days on Facebook. Here is the full list […]

Black Cat Appreciation Day is Today

The adoptable black cats and kittens of A.R.F. would like to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day today by sharing their cuteness with everybody. Enjoy the album of all 19 of the black cats we have available for adoption. These fabulous felines are available for adoption through A.R.F.-Animal Rescue Foundation. Some of them will be available […]

Featured Pet: Bernie

Update 4/13/19: BERNIE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING! He was adopted by a loving family. Bernie is a fine feline who likes to walk on a leash. He is a male ginger tabby who is a current resident of the Wheaton PetSmart Adoption Center. He keeps getting passed over for younger cats and kittens, but he […]