16 Reasons Why Black Cats are Awesome

Some people see black pets and shy away from adopting them. The black cats of A.R.F. would like to tell you why they they are great with this top 16 list of why black cats are awesome.

We’ve featured 16 black adoptable pets over the last 16 days on Facebook. Here is the full list for your reading pleasure!

16 – All cats are solar powered, and the black ones charge just a little bit quicker.

15 – Black cats can’t sneak up on you in bed because you’d see them against the white sheets!

14 – Black cats are the most fun to play hide-and-seek with!

13 – They remind you of physics – if the earth was flat, they would have knocked everything off the edge by now.

12 – Black cats are ready for Halloween all year-round!

11 – Black cats have the most stand-out expressive eyes.

10 – In parts of Asia and Britain, black cats are actually considered good luck.

9 – Black cats know that some people don’t like them, so they are extra friendly to everybody they come across to make up for it.

8 – You get the opportunity to be owned by a house panther. Who wouldn’t want that!

7 – Black cats are the perfect accessory, because black goes with every outfit.

6 – They help you celebrate that inner angsty teen goth phase we all go through!

5 – Black cats has super deluxe personalities to match their beautiful, sleek exteriors!

4 – They have a black belt in cuddling! Get it, black belt? 

2 – They will always win the “Best Dressed” award!

1 – They are just as deserving of all your love just like any other less-melanin-blessed pet!