Dogs Available for Adoption

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Dogs and puppies listed here are still available for adoption. We update our website and listings multiple times a day to add or remove dogs for adoption. If you would like to adopt a puppy or dog, please fill out an adoption application and we will be in touch with next steps in the dog adoption process.

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Kenzie Medium Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat) Female


Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Medium Female Young
Stella Medium Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat) Female


Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
Medium Female Young
Flora Large Shepherd / Mixed (short coat) Female


Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Large Female Young
Phoebe Small Maltese (long coat) Female


Maltese (long coat)
Small Female Senior
Aspen aka Rosie Large Boxer / Coonhound / Mixed (short coat) Female

Aspen aka Rosie

Boxer / Coonhound / Mixed (short coat)
Large Female Young
Joey Small Shih Tzu (long coat) Male


Shih Tzu (long coat)
Small Male Senior
Pumpernickel Small Poodle (Toy) (long coat) Male


Poodle (Toy) (long coat)
Small Male Adult
Sophia Medium Terrier / Mixed (medium coat) Female


Terrier / Mixed (medium coat)
Medium Female Adult

Reasons to Consider Adopting an Adult Dog

  1. Unlike shelter puppies, you know an adult shelter dog is done growing, so there are no surprises as to how big they’ll get.
  2. Adult dogs have larger bladders, so you can usually depend on fewer accidents, and many adult rescues are already housetrained!
  3. Adult dogs are past the teething phase, so your furniture and shoes are safer from getting chewed up.
  4. If you want to bring a canine into your life but can’t watch them around the clock, an adult dog does not require constant supervision like a puppy does.
  5. You can find an adult dog with an energy level that fits your lifestyle, whereas adopting a puppy means lots of activity for a few years.
  6. You can give the priceless gift of a safe, loving forever home to a dog that’s experienced many years of fear and uncertainty.

Give a Dog a Forever Home

Have you found any dogs here that will make a great addition to your family? Click on the pupper’s photo to fill out their adoption application today! Or, you can fill out A.R.F.’s pet adoption application here. The ARF-IL Animal Rescue Foundation thanks you!

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