Delicious but Deadly – Know Your Household Toxins

If you are a pet owner, you are probably aware of the dangers of things like chocolate and antifreeze, but what about the lesser-known toxins?

Most homes contain harmful, or even deadly, poisons to your beloved four-legged friends. Many household items may seem benign, but if ingested by your pet, it will send you rushing to the vet. Did you know a dryer sheet contains chemicals that can cause pulmonary edema or kidney failure? Or that Poinsettias are not actually deadly for pets (only mildly toxic)?

There are simple steps pet owners can take to limit exposure to harmful products:

  • Put safety locks on doors that hold cleaning chemicals
  • Keep food items off the table
  • Ask friends and family members to request pet-friendly floral arrangements when sending flowers
  • Keep medication and recreational drugs (including marijuana) properly stored out of reach of pets

With the holidays quickly approaching, please be need to be extra vigilant to protect animals from deadly seasonal plants and foods. Take a moment to read through the list of items compiled by Animal Poison Control.

Top 10 Pet Toxins of 2017 by the ASPCA
Image courtesy of the ASPCA.