Adopt a Pet Holiday Gift Guide

A.R.F.’s 2020 Ultimate Pet Gift Guide

Want to show the pets and pet owners in your life some love this holiday season? Check out the A.R.F.-Animal Rescue Foundation’s 2020 Ultimate Pet Gift Guide! This list has been curated by our amazing A.R.F. foster parents, so you know these are products that cats and dogs really love–for any budget!

You can even help the A.R.F. mission while you’re doing your holiday shopping online–simply set up A.R.F. as your Amazon Smile Charity, and .5% of the proceeds from your purchases goes to A.R.F. at no cost to you!

Great Gifts for Any Pet

Wyze Webcam for spying on your pets while you are at work

Wyze Webcam – $37.98

A.R.F.’s Review: “You can keep an eye on your pets while you’re away! Wyze cams are cheap, reliable, and easy to set up. I have several of them pointed at my fosters and my cat to keep an eye on them, even when I’m in a different room. 12 second motion capture replay is free, so you get to see every cute move they make. #catstalker” – Susan V

Furminator for grooming your rescue dog

Furminator – $25.98 or Zoom Groom – $14

A.R.F.’s Review: “These deshedding brushes will save your vacuum and your lint roller some grief because they grab the fine hairs in the undercoat. Best of all, brushing your pet regularly can actually become a nice, relaxing, bonding experience!” – Katie

Automatic pet feeder for your adopted cat

WOPET Automatic Dog or Cat Feeder – $61.95

A.R.F.’s Review: “I would be woken up every morning at 4:00 without this feeder. It depenses a small amount of food at the time you set, making your cat stare at the feeder instead of you when they want food.” -Susan V

Roomba i3 to keep your floors clean of kitten fur

iRobot Roomba i3 – $399

A.R.F.’s Review: “I love that the Roomba keeps up with the cat hair so I don’t have to sweep my hardwood floors. Especially with a long-haired cat! Huge clumps of hair everywhere!” – Kelly

” And with the self-emptying part of the i3, it can run for a month before you have to empty all the pet hair!” – Susan

Cat and Kitten Gift Guide

Cat Catcher to play with your adopted cat

Cat Catcher Toy – $8.95

A.R.F.’s Review: “This is my favorite because I haven’t met a cat that doesn’t love it! It seems to activate a cat’s natural prey drive and brings out the little hunter within. Plus, the refills make it easy (and cheaper) to replace!” – Kelly

K-Kat litter scooper

K-Kat Litter Scooper – $23.66

Our A.R.F. Review: “Best. Litter. Scoop. Ever. EVER!!! No more sitting there shaking a scoop.” – Susan O. You know a scooper is good when you get excited about scooping a litter box.

Litter mat to keep litter box clean

Pet Champion Litter Mat – $17.99

A.R.F.’s Review: “It’s very effective at catching the stray litter that comes off of cats paws when they exit the litter box! It also saves a bit of litter because it gets trapped in the holes, and then you can pour it back into the box.” -Emmett

Cat carrier to bring home your adopted kitten

Jackson Galaxy Cat Backpack – $139

A.R.F.’s Review: “I love this carrier. It is so unbelievably sturdy, and easy to wear as a backpack when you are toggling multiple things. I also wear it on my front when I go for walks so I can see how happy my cats are in there looking out at the world.” – Dana

Dog Gift Guide

Dog water bottle

Dog Water Bottle – $11.89

A.R.F.’s Review: “This is great for taking with when I walk my dogs. It’s lightweight and leakproof, and has a button that allows water to flow into the cup and back into the reservoir. No waste!” – Margie

Dog toys for adopted puppies

Nylabone Chews – $6.63

A.R.F.’s Review:  “We love Nylabones for our 50-lb power chewer, Maisie. They are the only chew toys that last more than a day (the first one lasted over a year!). They are her favorite thing to chew on.” –Katie

Belly wraps for male rescue dogs

Washable Belly Bands for Male Dogs – $10.49

A.R.F.’s Review: These are essentially easier versions of dog diapers. They are washable and easy to use “for those nervous pee bodies.” – Tara

Chuckit glow ball to keep your rescue dog happy

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball – $6.81

A.R.F.’s Review: “These glow-in-the-dark balls are a godsend for high-energy dogs that need exercise right before bed. Set the toy outside in the sun, and it’ll glow at night so your dog can play fetch in the dark! My pittie loves these.” – Katie

Give the Gift of Happiness to Homeless Cats and Dogs

While you’re making your holiday shopping rounds, be sure to add DuPage County’s rescue cats and dogs to your list. Give the gift of food, shelter and medical care to animals in need with a donation to A.R.F.-Animal Rescue Foundation. Help us in our mission to save the lives of nearly 1,000 homeless cats and dog each year!

And don’t forget, if you’re doing your holiday shopping on Amazon, make A.R.F.-Animal Rescue Foundation your Amazon Smile Charity, and .5% of the proceeds from your purchases will go to A.R.F. at no cost to you! Happy Holidays!

Ways to Help Homeless Cats and Dogs

All prices were accurate as of publishing of this article.

Post written by: volunteer Katie Glaudell, freelance copywriter