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Special thanks to our Mutt strutt events committee for their Herculean effort in pulling this off. While not as successful as past years due to the Canine Influenza virus which caused so many of our "mutt" walkers and their human parents to stay away due to potential health risks. There is still a chance to make a difference however. You are still able to host a virtual walk with your adopted dog or cat. Go to From there you would be able to make a donation, anything even a dollar, five dollars would help the medical needs of all of our ARF animals. You can create your own virtual walk donation page and send it out to your family, friends, and coworkers. If all of them donated one dollar, that would be a huge amount of assistance for the dogs and cats of hours. Please help make a difference and make our virtual mutt strut a success in spite of this years canine influenza virus.

Spring is here! Puppy and kitten season is upon us. Please think about volunteering to foster. For more information please visit Volunteer for ARF. Thank you for your time and support. We appreciate you all so very much.